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Physical Education Overview

We work in partnership with the London PE and School Sports Network.

At English Martyrs’ RC, we believe that PE helps to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle so it’s a key aspect of our school life. As well as the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, our aim is to nurture the ethos of enjoyment,  fair play, team spirit and self discipline, always teaching safe practise and good use of sports apparatus.  Two hours of PE is timetabled per week for each class through which we develop core skills to enable the children to become well rounded sportsmen and women as set out in the National Curriculum. We have a full range of PE and sports activities inclusive of gymnastics, dance, athletics and  games such as netball, basketball, tag rugby, dodgeball, kwik cricket and hockey.  The school engages an excellent professional sports coach to teach PE (indoor and outdoor) to classes from Year 1 to Year 6.


All children in Year 3 and Year 4 have the chance to take swimming lessons once per week for a year. Children in Year 5 who did not achieve the National Curriculum requirements of  swimming at least 25m are also given the opportunity to take extra swimming lessons in order to improve their swimming and water safety.

In addition, each term, there are after-school clubs such as Multi-skills and football  and a full calendar of sporting fixtures run by the PSSN  within the borough, which help to ensure that English Martyrs’ children can develop their physical skills to the full. Children with SEN are also given the chance to do activities such as bowling and sailing  run by PSSN. We also work with outside agents like ‘Let’s Get Physical’ team who ran a vibrant after school club targeting ‘children who do not normally take part in sport clubs outside school.’ This will help those children to develop confidence to participate in sports activities outside school.

Annually, our  Sports Day is held at Burgess Park for all children from Year 1 to Year 6. Nursery and Reception have their Sports Day at school. This gives the children the opportunity  to take part in fun activities such as beanbag throw,   javelin throw and tug of war and to show off their skills in both track and field activities. We encourage parents to come and see their children compete in these events and to enjoy participating in a parent race themselves.

To further develop their sporting journey, we encourage the children to join clubs outside of school. Presently, some attend football and swimming clubs.

Keeping fit and healthy at home:

Here are some great posters and videos to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown and beyond.

Spread a little happiness:

ere are some excellent ideas and tips to help you to live a healthy lifestyle during lockdown. It includes yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness, art thepary, SEND information and more. CLICK HERE

Live PE Lessons:

The LPESSN are delivery live lessons that you can view online and also have many other pre recorded lessons for children of all ages. CLICK HERE