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Religious Education

At English Martyrs School our children learn to understand all religions practiced around the world such as Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and much more. We do this by visiting the many temples around the capital that are here to allow those that embrace these religions to pray and reflect.

Here are some accounts of these visits.

A pilgrimage to Aylesford

Year 6 pupils went on a pilgrimage to Aylesford where they had an opportunity for Reconciliation, Mass and reflected on the Rosary during the Rosary walk.  We were very fortunate to have Fr Louis to guide the children and staff on our spiritual journey.

Visit to Bel Aziz Islamic Centre

In this powerpoint download below, you can find out about the Islamic Centre visited by our children and a little about this religion followed by millions around the globe.

Visit to the Jamyang Buddhist Temple

In this powerpoint and gallery below we see the many colourful statues and religious objects at this beautiful Buddhist temple.